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ECOMMAX TECH provides the best solutions, including WEB Hosting, On-line Shopping Cart, SEO, Graphics Design, and System Integration, to help you building successfule web-sites and e-commerce system.

web system development, on-line shopping cart, accounting system integration

PHP MySQL Web Hosting, reliable linux hosting, ASP, JSP web hosting

Quickbooks integration, Peachtree Integration, Inventory System, Accounting System and internal company procedure optimization

About US

ECOMMAX TECH, an Internet specialist, established in 2002 as a professional partner with companies that willing to integrate their experiences and expand their business into the Internet.

In order to satisfy our clients, ECOMMAX TECH provides several packages to meet your requirement. Our professionals also provide the best consultative services with the concept of the maximum performances and the lowest prices for each customer.


We provide 1-stop solution for your successful e-commerce business. We're not only provide state-of-art shopping cart system but also take care your system reliability and stability by providing high-performance hosting services. The following are some lists of our current services:

  • On-line Shopping System
  • Web Hosting Service
  • Website Graphics Design
  • On-site Networking Construction and Maintenance


In addition to provide on-line web services, we also specialize integration between Web applications and existing in-house system, such as Peachtree or Quickbooks accouting system.

So, please feel free to contact us by the following info for free consultation:

Phone: (626) 224-7701
Email: info@ecommaxtech.com